We are committed to being your exclusive claim management solution. The Norton Group has extensive commercial, large loss experience. Our state-licensed public adjusters are able to offer a unique perspective and a tailored process based on the characteristics of your business, or property. We leverage our relationships in the market to maximize your claim settlement and streamline the recovery.

The Norton Group utilizes industry recognized documentation to quantify and claim damages for the following insurance coverages:

Commercial structure or building coverage will cover damage to improvements on the property. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to structures such as apartment buildings, hotels, shopping centers, or office buildings.


Business personal property coverage will apply to items owned and utilized for business purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to furniture, computers, office supplies, or electronics.


A stock or inventory loss are damages to items held for sale or for use. This can include things such as groceries in a grocery store, clothing in a boutique, or warehoused goods.


Commercial coverages for specialized machinery and equipment such as specialty printers, medical equipment, or manufacturing systems.


Business interruption coverage will cover your financial loss if you are unable to maintain normal business operations. This can include financial loss due to suspension of business operations, operations in a diminished capacity, or loss of rent.


The Norton Group will manage all facets of the claim process. We are your advocate from start to finish.

Emergency Response

- Property Preservation

- Mitigation and Vendor Organization

- Tenant Assistance

It is important to know what the insurance company requires in the event of a loss. This includes giving prompt notice of the claim and preventing the property from sustaining further damage. Our public adjusters will manage the response and meet these necessary requirements within the policy.


- Review Insurance Documents

- Site Assessment

- Create Action Plan

The Norton Group will review your insurance policy and assess your damages. The characteristics of your loss will be considered, and our public adjusters will explain your options. We will develop an action plan and proceed accordingly.


- Pictures, Inventories, Cost Estimates

- Expert Reports

- Valuation of Loss

The Norton Group will compile claim documentation and support data. Our public adjusters will utilize industry recognized documentation to substantiate the claim. It is important to understand when to hire other experts and when it may be necessary to consult an engineer or other specialist.


- Attend All Meetings

- Present Claim

The Norton Group will present the claim to the carrier. Our goal is to maximize your claim and expedite the recovery. We will support our position with expert reports, cost estimates, and detailed inventories. If there are any disagreements, we will utilize our support data to represent your interests.


-Extend All Offers

- Analyze and Explain All Offers

We will assist you until all matters relating to the insurance loss are resolved. The Norton Group will
present you all offers. The decision to accept an offer is ultimately up to our clients. Our public adjusters
will guide you through rebuilding, repurchasing, and reopening.

We charge a contingency fee. The date of loss, the scope of damage, and the scope of services will be considered.

Get started with the process now.

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